Posted by : Kiarytza Mendez 31 July 2012

I will not seat here and wait for a President, a governor, or a political icon to come fix my life and promise me to give me the rights I know I deserve, my inalienable rights. I work hard each and every day to get what I need (and what I want). I wish people could see that the President can’t come from the White House to fix their life and put everything in golden platter for them. No. You need to go out there and fight like every successful individual do it.

You have to stop depending on what a politician tells you, and go out there and get your education done. Start using your brain, there's nothing wrong with becoming a rational/respectable/coherent citizen with the balls to fight to make the American dream happen. This is not a 1% team work. This is a nations’ responsibility. It is your decision to stand up for your country and fight, or to stay at home watching the news and wondering why everything is still the same. Let's make this be the true and unbreakable land of Freedom and Justice, with educated citizens and strong warriors.


God Bless America!

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