Posted by : Kiarytza Mendez 25 September 2012

I'd like to escape somewhere with you,
slowly kissing the rhetoric of a peaceful dove.
I'd love to dance under a California yew,
slowly tasting the mirror of your love.

Let's leave it alone, because I'm afraid
of going too far.
Holding your hands could be a mistake,
looking at your eyes... I want you to be my man.

What should I do? It's a simple fantasy.
I wish I could take you out of my dreams.
Man, oh man! 
I wish I could make you my reality.

It's your pretty face, nice smile.
It is your troubled past life.
I promise I can make you happy;
I can't help it, you've got me electrified.

No matter how far you have to go;
no matter how many times you have to leave...
I'd wait for you, I'd make you my home, I'd give you my life.
For you I'd make every sacrifice. 

Even at the distance, even in the impossibility of this truth,
even in the craziness of this chaotic strife,
I'd do whatever it takes to be somewhere with you.
I wish you could give me your heart.

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