Posted by : Kiarytza Mendez 13 October 2012



Listen baby girl,

welcome to the world.
You came here to die.
Welcome to the world,
you came here to fight.
Welcome to the world,
you came here to make your own path.
I support you with all my heart.
Let me know how it goes,
Did you have any luck?
Did you make it back? 


Momma, I have bad news.
The world is not alright.
I had some growing up to do
but momma,
another American soldier died tonight.
I can't mention her name,
but who’s the one to blame?
Momma, momma…
another soldier died today.
Momma, she was my best friend.
Please tell her broken mother that I knew her well.
Momma, tell her mother we used to talk about her. 


My daughter’s body looked stiff,
her future remains like this war, merely history.
Sir, when I heard the blast all I did was cry and pray,
but when you ask her how she's doing, she says:
I can't mention her name, 
but who’s the one to blame?
Momma, another soldier died today.
My daughter came back, 
but she is not the same.


I’m sorry Momma,
for making you cry.
I’m sorry Momma,
for putting you through this pain.
Everything happened so fast...
I’m sorry for making you hear the blast
that took away your daughter’s grace.
I’m sorry Momma,
another soldier died today.


I'm telling you, Sir.
She came back from war alive,
but she is not the same.
I’m sorry,
my daughter came back,
but she forgot her own name.


Momma, the world doesn’t understand that
I have been through so much pain.
Momma that is the war's fate;
I have experienced the world’s hate.
Please Momma, don't let them forget my name.
Don't let them throw my sacrifice to the dirt.
Please Momma, tell them…
Your daughter is not okay.
Momma tell them,
another American soldier died today.

*For all those heroes, NEVER FORGOTTEN & for all the amazing people that made it back but are struggling to fit in this world.*

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