Posted by : Kiarytza Mendez 08 October 2012

  It is me again, through the same skin, through a refurbished soul.
Every second counts. Every story has an end.
Can the world just let us be? Sound and steady,
the world stares at every mistake we make.
Not knowing how to do it right, we are judge by the results
of every decision we have made.
This is the foolish truth.
What is the truth anyways?
History has been written by men.
The cold existence of a broken soul put me down one day.
I hated the feeling. I became numb as well.
The clock ticking in my head:
"It is time to forgive who mistreated you yesterday."
We patch our soul, we walk around in the nevermore,
pondering life as it is; 
pondering about friendship, family and true love.
I can't feel sorry for having a soul.
Living life can be painful if you don’t commit
to do the things you’re afraid the most, 
and to face fear by taking risks.
Time will never stop.
But people... people comes and people goes.
The opportunities you miss will never come.
This is a phase to recollect the things we’ve lost,
to let go of the things we don’t need any more,
and to embrace everything coming our way that we’ll need forevermore.

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