Posted by : Kiarytza Mendez 18 November 2012

I know this might sound a little confusing and at times contradictory since I'm trying to shape up the philosophy itself. But in the mean time, I'll share it with you:

All matter that exists in this world is comprised of atoms, as proven, those atoms in turn are composed of tiny subatomic particles. The smallest particles are called elementary particles. However, instead of been in a fixed state these particles are constantly changing and flowing. If we could learn to regulate these particles, then it would be theoretically possible to remake the world as one imagine in our mind by our free choice.

The essence of an idea comes before the existence of the idea. In the case of humans we exist before we become essential. We do not have a power to prescribe our nature, we must define ourselves. The freedom to choose how to shape ourselves, makes us different from the reality of an object -for example- which purpose is before its existence. We live in a world where nothing is preordained, for so, we constantly have a choice on our actions.

All intelligent life once must dream in order for them to grow and evolve. When most of us sleep, we tend to dream, our free action is the system that can freely switch elementary particles which they tune to someone’s dreams and try to remake the reality of this world through images, memories and experiences. But those dreams are not possible without memories created by the genetic information that all life possesses memories of the past that you carry with you. The existence of those memories can be formed by the information of the history we already have; information that explains the concept of “human sacrifice”.

Evolution happens when we break the patterns of what we know do exist. When we cannot break the patterns, and freely make choices without the unconscious determination of what we already know, we are no different from the ancients. We overuse the energy of the elementary particles as a weapon to burn others into submission. We interpret happiness and reality as the pleasure of consumption and at some point we cannot stop ourselves, because it becomes part of our existence's purpose. The reality itself is based on a dream but, dreams are nothing but dreams. Reality can only be changed by reality and the action of our responsible freedom of making those choices.

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  1. Argenis says:

    Nice thoughts Kyaritza. I don't know how familiar you are with the book "The Time Machine" but, I agree with most of your statements, but I live by a certain philosophy, from that book. We all have our time machines, memories which take us to the past, dreams which carry us to the future. Then the present, which I added myself, the present can and is influenced by the dreams ant the past, and it will help you build your future. It is up to us to take action on the present to bjuild our future :)

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