Posted by : Kiarytza Mendez 21 September 2010

Somewhere in the universe should be warm;
warm enough to make the stars stay away,
warm enough to melt any heart,
warm enough to make you want to kiss the sky.

Contemplating the bright, big, shiny thing that raises during the morning.

Why are you leaving so early?
Why did you came so late this year?
Disregarding any possibility for despair.
I renegade the reality of walking barefoot in the rain again.

Opposite forces between right and wrong. Not this time. Not now.

The rejuvenating routine is over,
beautifying every corner on the Hemisphere.
Tonight you're disappearing. Magnificent!
Easy comes, easy goes... You disappear.

Just for a moment, stay. Become stronger. From above... feeling drop by drop, its tears.

My inspiration. It's over.
Shall the blossom be over; Nothing else to borrow.
The summer time is over,
surrender facing the boundless cold of this winter in sorrow.

I can't hear the melody on this rainbow under the shiny smile of perfection.

Distress and confusion,
arises from the endlessly silent song
of the wind blowing towards the Caribbean ocean.
Step by step, life is preparing it's gun.

Dreams are not over, not yet... happiness shall tear this body down until exhilaration.

Those lips, will never taste the same in this cold.
Arrogant arousal, playing games at the sun.
I'll miss your innocent and smooth dance over my skin.
Flattered in pessimism like a vanished hindrance sin.

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