Posted by : Kiarytza Mendez 14 December 2012

   I’m giving meaning to all these signs.
Did the attraction die?
Sharing has become another flaw.
I can read between the lines.

The desire is gone, the apathy grows.
Time is not a factor anymore.
What happened to all our dreams?
What happened to us?

The delightful moonshine has moved on.
Walking lost, through a dismal lamppost street.
I can feel your words like cobblestones under my feet, 
and I keep thinking: “I should set him free”.

When reliance become detrimental, it can hardly get fixed.
I didn’t mean to walk into your life
and turn everything upside down.
If I could run away… my dearest friend, soon enough
I’ll be leaving this town.

My shallow presence will no longer bother you.
I can read between the lines… I figured out all the signs.
I’m not the one to be kept in your heart (where I don’t belong).
You're not the one to be kept on my mind.
I never intended to shake your comfort zone,
I listen to the sound of the world; then watch it turn.

I can feel your emotionless approach;
your cold distance is penetrating my bones.
I’m prone to avoid avoidance.
We lost it all; we lost the connection
and my presence only provokes annoyance.

In the morning my decision will be set in stone,
my actions will speak louder than my words.
My presence will no longer be an issue in your life.
There’s no time to pretend; the fantasy now is gone.
It’s only a matter of time.
I don’t beg for things; I don’t beg for love!
I'll not beg to keep you by my side.

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