Posted by : Kiarytza Mendez 28 May 2012

Detached and disconnected; summed up in it's own imperfections; constantly sinking in the past. Empty, bitter, angry... creating unbalance and animosity. Nothing but a harmful entity making others suffer from a detrimental behavior. This entity can't be called a him nor a she, just an "it". An object. Something lacking human feelings, like a home appliance, but making others carry all the weight of terrible actions -or that was the best bet. 

Who? Why? What? When? How? The face couldn't hide what was inside and the inside was hidden behind amazing charm, power, confidence, success, ambition, eloquence, respect and delightful manners. But, who could suspect that a sociopath was hiding in the darkness of a perfect A|X suit? No traits of violence, no traits of physical damage, no traits of confrontation.

No shame, no guilt, no remorse. Selfishness and pride could best describe what later on will be discovered in the hateful words when alcohol was a factor. From an innocent "I don't trust humans" to a more serious and dictatorial "I did it to punish you, now you can understand my point and learn a lesson." Toxic, mean, cunning, scheming, unscrupulous, demanding, reckless, critic, hurtful... simply a troubled and chaotic being in this universe. But the screams all sound the same.

It's over! The mirror fell off... Forever!

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  1. Cachorro Aprendiz says:

    Intense, so much hate towards what?

  2. Towards the past. I guess...
    Towards the people that let "it" down before. I guess...
    Some individuals don't need a reason to hate, they simply do.

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