Posted by : Kiarytza Mendez 04 July 2011

Picture: "Organic Transformation-Karma", by Rebecca E. Volkmann

I look back in time and I want to believe that I'm still the same person. I still want to believe that nothing have changed, just because it is easier to refuse to change and live in the same state of mind over and over again, than realize your feet have crossed new/unknown paths.

Almost one more year of life, one more year of experiences, but: Have I really learned the lessons of life? Have I really adapt and change to the new environments?

Who am I? After all, I have formed all these ideas of who I am... but in essence, Who am I? After all these years, Who have I become? Have I changed?

Then, there you are... looking into my eyes, and I hear the sweetest words coming from the warmth exhilarating noise of reason: "You've grown up and you're so much better than you know" and everything felt right. Sometimes it takes just few seconds to look at yourself in the mirror and realize who you really are. Not what people see, not what you think you are, but who you are in the deepest essence of the universe... as a perfect creature, transformed in energy.

And here I am. Twenty-something years later, wondering if I have become a better person; wondering if I have changed the essence of my existence; wondering if I know who I am...

I'm sure this proves nothing, but I can swear something in this precise moment feels like transformation; something feels perfectly right.

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